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My name is Pieter Verbeek and 20 years old. From an early age I’ve had a passion for two things: sports (darts!) and media/journalism.
I got introduced to darts through watching it on TV. I can remember the first game I ever watched very well; Raymond van Barneveld managed to win the 2007 PDC World Darts Championship by beating Phil Taylor 7-6 in an amazing game. I have been following this great sport more intensively ever since. I try to watch as many games on ‘RTL 7’ (or on their stream) as I can, and try to follow all the live scores on the Pro Tour.
In October 2013 I signed up as an editor at ‘Dartfreakz’, a Dutch darts news site. I did this to find out more about the journalism in darts. Despite my great interest in darts I had never seen a game in real life, neither professional nor recreational. Through Dave Allen (PDC Media Manager) I got the chance to go to the Dutch Darts Masters 2013 with a press card, a fantastic experience. I can remember walking through the players area, seeing my heroes from TV sitting at a table or throwing some darts in the practice area. I was walking next to players like Michael van Gerwen, Wes Newton, Kim Huybrechts, Simon Whitlock, Peter Wright, James Wade and Andy Hamilton, it really was a ‘wow-moment’ for me. I got to interview Michael van Gerwen and Kim Huybrechts at this Euro Tour-event (no video-interview yet). It really surprised me how open-hearted they were. Interviews with sportsmen who (perhaps) haven’t had any media-training yet are obviously the most fun to do. The experience was great, I really wanted to do more of these things. Fortunately, the PDC made it possible for me to come back and visit the most recent edition of the Dutch Darts Masters, where I improved my work to video-interviews in both Dutch and English.
After a short period at ‘dartsnieuws.com’, I’ve set up my own website on darts; www.dartsjournalist.com. The website not only writes news articles, but it’s also a website which does interviews with the players and wants to be present at the TV-tournaments for coverage. Also, almost everything is done in both Dutch and English. This way, we can reach a greater public. Recently, I have visited the World Matchplay, European Championship, Grand Slam of Darts, World Darts Championship and the UK Open with a press card, where we have interviewed Michael van Gerwen, Phil Taylor, Adrian Lewis and other players. These interviews are available to watch on the website. I am planning on visiting at least two European Tour events and the World Matchplay before the summer break.

With kind regards,
Pieter Verbeek
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Paul Hinsche

With the 2014 Premier League Trophy

My name is Paul Hinsche, born in 1984 and as far as my memory goes back a fan of the beautiful sport darts. The first memory I have goes back to Lakeside 1995 where the postmen from The Hague reached to the finals and lost against Richie Burnett. From that day on Raymond van Barneveld is my youth hero and I met him when he won his first Lakesidetitle back in 1998. Since that day I’m following him and the sports whenever I’m able to and I love to throw some darts myself.

For Dartsjournalist.com I’m mainly the man behind the scenes. If it comes to technical issues, creating logo’s, banners and editing pictures it’s all in my hands.

Next to that I’ll do some of the translations from the Dutch articles and interviews into English.


Rob O’Halloran


My name is Rob O’Halloran and I am the English Editor for Dartsjournalist.com
I am an 19 year old Irishman, and have been a huge Darts Fanatic for seven years. I also have a great passion for many sports such as soccer and Formula 1. It is my intention to study Journalism/Sports Journalism once I finish school as I am entering my final year. I have a great interest in sports journalism, be it writing for a newspaper or website, or commentating on the action in years to come.

The first time I watched Darts was the 2007 World Darts Championship semi-final between Phil Taylor and Andy Hamilton. From then on I was hooked, particularly after the incredible World Championship final between Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld. I watch all of the events on Sky Sports and itv4, as well as the european tour events online. I also follow the pro-tour score updates on live.dartsdata.com.

Via twitter i got into contact with Pieter Verbeek, the owner of the site, with similar passions to myself, and after numerous dicussions he asked to me to do English articles for Dartsjounalist.com. I have done many pieces for the website since and I am really enjoying it.

I have attended the darts in Dublin on numerous occasions and will continue to do so for years to come. I play every day as a hobby and have a huge passion for the game. It is my intention to attend the World Darts Championship in London.


Bart Timmer

My name is Bart Timmer, and I’m a 16-year-old darts enthusiast from The Netherlands. I’m an editor on this website, mostly writing English articles.

The first game of darts I ever saw was way back in 2006, a game at Lakeside between Co Stompé and Paul Hanvidge. I was seven years old at the time. I was rooting for my countryman Stompé, but he would end up losing the game 3-1 in sets. However, two other Dutch darts players made the final, in which Jelle Klaassen beat Raymond van Barneveld. Darts was the only thing that was on my mind for a while, but I would eventually stop thinking about it because darts simply wasn’t on TV for more than half a year.

This would go on for a couple of years, i would see Lakeside on Eurosport every year and have darts fever for a couple of weeks. The moment when I really became a darts fan was at the end of 2010. I was twelve years old, and me and my family had a free three months of ‘Sport 1’, a Dutch channel that can be compared to ‘Sky Sports’ in the United Kingdom. They broadcasted the PDC World Darts Championship 2011 and I was hooked. From that moment onwards, I have watched every single game of darts from the PDC on RTL 7 (who took over the darts rights after the 2011 WDC), on their stream, or catching up on their website in the videos section.

I don’t only have a passion for darts, I have also been writing almost all my life. From writing down all the darts players I knew on a piece of paper at a very young age, to what I’m doing right now. Although Dartsjournalist is my very first official form of darts media I’m writing for, I have been doing things related to writing articles for a while. Example is updating the TV-tournaments qualifying races or the Order of Merit on a Dutch darts forum called darts.nu. Darts.nu is also where I ‘met’ Pieter Verbeek, this website’s owner. I think Dartsjournalist is a great start to my possible career as a journalist and I feel priviliged to have gotten this possibility at such a young age.

Kind regards,
Bart Timmer

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